Supporting Your
Growth Journey

Established in 2013, Ruffena Capital has evolved to become a boutique private equity advisory business with its proprietary investment platform consisting of a largely private audience of experienced UK and international investors, funds, family offices and certain wealth managers.

Leveraging on its strong track record and extensive experience of its team, Ruffena Capital typically secures or advises upon £50-100m going into client projects each year.

We focus on raising true growth equity and alternative finance, typically in the range of £2-20m per project, as our investor audience prefers established, highly tangible opportunities that can demonstrate the ability to scale and generate returns.

We do take on some earlier stage projects, however they must emphatically demonstrate thorough planning; tangible commercial potential; and a workable investment proposition.

Understanding What Investors Want

We have a staged, informative and rigorous client selection process. We try to ensure it brings out your professionalism at every step of the way. We will help you refine your offering, maximizing your chances of securing the right investment on the right terms from the right sources for you.

We understand the market very well and know exactly what our investors are looking for - compelling businesses with clever solutions to real problems and a genuine grasp of their commercial opportunities. Companies driven by gifted management teams with a passion and talent for what they do, are of highest appeal to our significant audience of private capital.

Next step

If you think your business has the traits our investors are looking for or would simply like to discuss your plans and ideas