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A joint secondaries led fund in partnership with Shackleton Ventures.

Promoted by Shackleton Finance Limited as the regulated entity

We have launched our new joint venture secondary-led investment fund, the 'Return Fund #5', in partnership with Shackleton Ventures.

Why secondary investments?

They typically offer safer investments, less volatile returns and a different asset class to primary investment.

Why now?

The post-pandemic market offers greater opportunity; stronger individual deal flow; portfolio opportunities; and restructures adapting to the new normal.

Why Ruffena and Shackleton?

Shackleton have a very strong track record across four previous funds, with Ruffena leveraging their greater bandwidth, deal flow and larger client portfolio.

The fund typically purchases existing minority stakes in established businesses in selected sectors. Investments sought will exhibit less risk than growth capital funds, yet provide excellent returns for investors in the upper quartile.

Portfolio investments into proven scale-up businesses headquartered in the UK or Europe with investment sizes ranging from £1m - £5m per company. The fund benefits from attractive post-pandemic 'new-normal' focused investment opportunities, realistic transaction pricing and attenuated competition combined with a focus on driving profitable exits and strong returns to investors.

Next step

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