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wejo Funds raised:£473,000

wejo is creating the world’s leading connected car data marketplace, innovating with global brands to transform how the world moves.

wejo was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Richard Barlow and has developed one of the world’s leading automotive data exchanges.

Over 3.5 million vehicles are tracked by wejo in over 180 countries, with 28 million cars projected to be on the wejo data exchange platform by 2020. wejo delivers intelligent insights to improve loyalty for car manufacturers, insurers and service providers.

The wejo ADEPT (Automotive Data Exchange Platform) offers the most comprehensive insight into driving behaviours, car usage and road usage available today.

After raising money through Ruffena it went on to complete a further £5m fundraising in late 2017 and appoint Tim Lee as Chairman with effect from 1 January 2018. Tim was previously the Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing, for General Motors, and Chairman of General Motors China.

The connected car market is predicted to rise to over 250 million cars by 2025.

wejo’s automotive exchange platform provides the technology to respond effectively to needs of fleets and drivers. Today’s vehicles are fitted with 100s if not 1000s of sensors, each telling the story of the vehicle’s current state and how it is used. wejo curates, transforms and normalises this data.