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Lontra Funds raised:£3,000,000

A revolutionary compressor technology, with a lucrative global licensing deal. Ruffena investors were major contributors to the round.

Lontra has developed and owns all rights to a new compressor technology that delivers a 20% improvement in efficiency across a very wide range of compression applications.

This is a team highly focussed on a sustainable, global licensing strategy for generating significant shareholder returns. A key feature of their approach is that the lead licensee is very strong internationally and defends patent infringements.

Funding was required to enhance the design, engineering and product marketing capability to address additional licensing opportunities in other segments of the $multi-billion compressor market.

Ruffena deployed a team on the fund raising effort which included individuals who had worked on the Company’s funding requirements for a few years as well as colleagues who brought in their personal circle of highly experienced HNWIs.


Established in 2013, Ruffena Capital has evolved to become a boutique private equity advisory business with its own investment platform - focused on raising true growth capital or alternative finance, typically in the £2-10m range for its clients. Ruffena’s investors are largely a private audience of experienced UK and international investors, funds, family offices and certain wealth managers, who prefer established, highly tangible opportunities that can demonstrate the ability to scale and generate returns. Ruffena secured or advised upon over £42m going into client projects over the 2016-17 financial year. In the current year this has risen significantly and Ruffena has also had two clients IPO and one full exit in 2017-18. Ruffena does take on some earlier stage projects, however they must emphatically demonstrate thorough planning; tangible commercial potential; and a workable investment proposition.