HiberGene launches new rapid molecular test for flu

This development adds to Hibergene's existing panels of human diseases covered by the very versatile HG molecular diagnostics platform.

Availability of this latest test demonstrates the ability of the HG platform to cover viral infections as well as bacterial.

This influenza test is directly relevant to the "Ambulatory emergency care guide: Managing increased demand from winter illness" Published by NHS Improvement in June 2018.

NHS good practice examples have been established by Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. These exploit the kind of swift, accurate, accessible, lightweight and affordable near patient testing offered by Hibergene.

For Kingston, availability of real-time results in c 30 minutes may reduce costly patient isolation by as much as 65%

HiberGene Diagnostics is an innovator of practical rapid molecular tests for human infectious diseases in hospital settings worldwide.

The innovative HG Flu A / B Combo product is a simple non-invasive test which uses nasopharyngeal swabs for the direct detection of the influenza virus and provides a differential diagnosis between the A and B subtypes in order to facilitate best treatment options.

The HG platform has the ability to test four samples simultaneously and deliver real-time positive result reporting in as little as 30 minutes and all results within 60 mins. These characteristics make each HG Swift testing unit capable of handling high sample volumes during annual epidemics.

HiberGene has launched a global marketing campaign for the new flu test, with expected sales in Europe, Asia and South America.

Annual winter flu epidemics lead to approximately 500,000 deaths globally each year. Flu, caused by the influenza virus, is highly contagious and can be fatal to at risk groups including immune-compromised and elderly patients.

Hibergene's home market is Ireland. Irish hospitals can typically test up to 50 patients a day for flu during seasonal epidemics.