Investing with us

If you are a private investor, institutional fund, family office or private financier looking for the following types of opportunities, we would love to hear from you. London and the UK has always had a vibrant investment ecosystem, however with the plethora of new platforms, networks and ways of investing or lending your capital that have emerged in the last few years, finding good off-market opportunities has become much harder.

The vast majority of our clients come from our personal network, built up over long careers, as well as through referrals from our investors, current and past clients, and good professional advisers. Ruffena’s experience, credibility and reputation make us a leading choice if you are looking for investment or lending opportunities that have the following characteristics:

  • Commercially compelling
  • Convincing management
  • Demonstrable market fit
  • Deliverable returns
  • Scalable

This is easily said, but far harder to achieve and so our success over the last few years is directly as a result of our approach as well as our network, and much hard work.


Collectively, our team has genuine first hand experience in founding and running businesses, including significant backgrounds in managing venture funds, the City of London's stock broking environment and banking. This background has given us real skill and experience in sourcing the best opportunities for investment capital of all types, including equity, alternative finance and off-market property.

Ruffena specialises in investments in established, small and medium sized private companies or development projects across most sectors, stages and regions, although ultimately our selection hAs to be driven by our investors' appetites. We continue to ensure that we attract a strong and varied deal flow, with each opportunity beginning it’s journey with us through a rigorous vetting system, to ensure it’s the right fit for us and our investors.


No business will pass our filtering process without a gifted, experienced management team, a compelling product proposition, and a balanced risk-reward ratio for the quantum and type of capital needed. We look at perhaps a dozen companies each week, which is filtered to perhaps 7 or 8 a month that we actively investigate and interview as potential clients. From these, we typically engage about 20 opportunities per annum, leaving us with only the strongest opportunities to present to investors.

Successful businesses then progress to our refining process, to ensure all key documents and pre-deal due diligence are fully prepared to the standard our investors expect. This can include additional research and advisory work for our clients, such as IP assessments, valuation reports, financial reviews and so on.


We ensure all opportunities have fully prepared Due Diligence, legal documents and financials in place, to ensure that the process for investors is as straight forward and transparent as possible.

We then provide ongoing support to help facilitate a smooth decision making process, including attending calls and meetings to support both parties in understanding each other's objectives and building bridges over any conundrums that may arise.

With such as wide variety of investments available, Ruffena is committed to only connecting our investors with the most relevant and tailored opportunities for them, once we understand their preferences. These can be securely and privately set by our team or by investors themselves, through our investment platform.


This is where your journey with Ruffena really begins. From this point on, our focus is to find suitable projects that meet your specific needs, based on your detailed investment criteria.

Our personalised approach ensures our experienced team contact you with hand-picked deals that will be of interest. You can also use our online platform to browse opportunities at any time, or view the tailored emails and updates that we can provide.

You also run a few presentation events each year as well as a number of informal drinks events for investors (see details in About Us).

Getting started: register with us

Full Registration is a two stage process and is completely free for investors, providing access to all project details on our investment platform. Some client projects are hidden, simply because the client exhibits great commercial sensitivity or seeks a very particular investor, and in these cases all approaches are private. Registration will also enable you to be invited to events and access support from our team.

Please get in touch today with any questions, or to discuss in more detail the type of investment opportunity you are looking for.