Our Selection Process


We have a careful on boarding process as we touched upon, driven by our audience who are generally highly experienced, choosey and because we work on a largely contingent basis. These days, we operate a Placement Team who lead placing principal projects with our investors, investment partners and syndication network. This team meets fortnightly and help select opportunities, so I would like to invite you and colleagues in to meet the team and to present to them, if we have agreed how we are to work together.

These sessions take place at our offices in Portman House. Entrepreneurs give a short presentation reflecting the structure and plan for the business, although often frequently acknowledge that there is work to be done on some elements. We are always looking for the following to really stand out in a potential client's pitch, their materials and general proposition to investors, as any investment opportunity no matter how unique itself, competes for attention with the multiplicity of other investment opportunities seeking capital at the time. In general, all opportunities must deliver:

  • A clear and rational business plan demonstrating growth and capable of generating good investor returns;
  • A management team that has the ability to deliver the commercial plan and create profits;
  • A realistic and deliverable exit strategy, perhaps through a public offer, trade sale, dividend play or share buy back;
  • A realistic valuation for incoming funds, convertible loan structure or credible security for debt finance