Technologies Impacting Education

Gartner recently identified the top 10 strategic technologies for the education industry, we asked Dan Sandhu from Digital Assess to comment.

Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company has identified the top 10 strategic technologies for the education industry in 2015 and provides recommendations to education CIOs and IT leaders regarding adoption and benefits. It is not a list of what education CIOs spend the most time or money on; rather it is a list of strategic technologies that Gartner recommends education CIO should have a plan for in 2015.

Dan Sandhu, CEO of Digital Assess commented ‘Gartner is right to highlight digital assessment as a technology set to impact education this year; it’s the last piece of the puzzle for enabling the delivery of credible online education to the masses. However, it is more than simply a strategic technology and has already been successfully deployed in a number of educational scenarios. For instance, The University of Edinburgh has recently implemented digital assessment technology, which will enable it to facilitate online peer reviewand feedback to help students increase engagement, attainment and grades.

Ultimately, digital assessment technology can improve assessment reliability and can equally importantly be used to measure soft skills, the nirvana for education providers globally. If online education is to be seen as credible, it requires a solid assessment mechanism. Otherwise, it will never be taken seriously.’

Digital Assess is a leading provider of world-class evidence based assessment for all levels of personalised learning, delivered via Software-as-a-Service. Covering formal education, e-learning, vocational and workplace training, the Company’s products deliver more effective validation than traditional assessment through paired comparison, live evidence capture, and digital annotation.

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