Tabsys on track for their next milestone

TabSys enables large organisations to increase profitability by enabling the assessment of their people and places on a global scale. They do this via a powerful, cloud-hosted platform.

Last month, TabSys teamed up with the UK’s no.1 leisure facilities accreditation supplier for Sport England, to supply an online facilities assessment tool. The three year contract will provide 750 facility assessments every year, allows live and accurate data to be collected across key industry standards and the ability to compare and contrast the data in real time.

YMCA UK have also engaged TabSys to assess 5,000 of their modern apprentices throughout the year, with over 20,000 assessments expected to be carried out on TabSys’ online platform.

These new contracts highlight the versatility of the TabSys offering, allowing them to service multiple industry verticals. The service is in use by Rentokil Initial where it underpins a continuous Sales Performance Assessment (SPA) programme across its worldwide sales force. TabSys enables Rentokil Initial to continuously evaluate, develop and improve 1,500 salespeople (expected to reach 3,500 later this year), across 20 countries and in 12 languages.

TabSys are looking for £500,000, to find out more about the investment opportunity, please click here.