Should we be leaving it to heroes?

Many of you will have read the news about the three individuals who overcame a terrorist armed with a Kalashnikov Assault Rifle on a train in France. It was indeed a lucky escape for the passengers, and a shooting by a terrorist was averted.

It was an act of real bravery, but shouldn't the authorities have stopped an armed man getting on the train in the first place?

Our client, Radio Physics Solutions are busy and the phones are ringing and orders are being shipped. They are able to draw attention to their new product MiRTLE 10, a handheld screening device that uses harmless, millimeter wave radar to detect threat materials or objects concealed under clothing up to 10 meters from the device. This product, is the world's only handheld system capable of detecting concealed threat items such as suicide vests, martyrdom belts, handguns, knives, and 3D printed weapons at true stand-off distance.
MiRTLE 10 can differentiate between threat and non-threat items (keys and phones) and alert the operator only to real threats, eliminating confusion from false alarms. In use MiRTLE 10 and the more powerful MiRTLE 30 (used as part of CCTV network) can allow authorities to prevent such terrorists even getting close to busy places such as stations and trains.

Ruffena helped Radio Physics Solutions secure some of the finance to develop MiRTLE. They are still open for investment and if you are interested in finding out more please speak with Patrick Angier – / 07780 971 025.