Printspace launches ‘thehub’

Theprintspace’s new online platform has already signed up nearly 4,000 new users and boosted sales by 20%.

Thehub opens a new market by enabling users to create online galleries and shops from which they can sell their own works directly through the platform. When a customer buys a print from a user’s gallery, theprintspace produces a print on the user's behalf, sends this with the user’s branding to the customer and credits the user with the net proceeds.

A number of businesses with monetisable archives, such as magazines, media sites, museums and offline galleries, have recently signed up including the World Photography Organisation and the National Geographic Traveller Magazine.

The last 2 months sales were up 20% over the same period last year and photograph sales through the platform have grown by nearly 100% month-on-month.

The team are looking to close their funding round soon, more information can be found here.