Destiny Pharma US drug trial report is imminent

The US Government is expected to authorise official release of the final version of the Phase IIa clinical study report on our client Destiny Pharma's resistance-busting antimicrobial drug.

Destiny Pharma has developed a microbial resistance-busting drug called XF-73 (exeporfinium chloride) active against staphylococcus aureus. It is the lead candidate of their drug platform and these advanced clinical study results signify important new prospects for returning shareholder value within a reasonable timeframe.

A draft version of the report has been in private circulation since 15 July 2016 and it looks good. Safety, tolerance and efficacy have been demonstrated in healthy volunteers.

The US tax-payer has sponsored this trial of a British drug, designated a new indication (Prevention of Post Surgical Staphylococcus Infection) and assigned Qualifying Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) status, giving it five years of market exclusivity and a fast track route through to final FDA approval. This is outstanding recognition and endorsement of the approach taken by Destiny Pharma to tackling this part of the growing problem of microbial resistance to modern drugs.

Typically a drug with published Phase II data and significant market potential will attract institutional and strategic industry investors to the company which owns the drug platform. Anti-infectives, as XF-73 is, enjoy a higher probability of successful transition to the next stage towards approval. This makes Destiny Pharma an even more attractive target for industry players at this stage. But there is still EIS eligible equity on offer right now alongside reinvesting Angels.

We will be commenting on the final report, but right now is the time to investigate this opportunity as part of a personal private investment portfolio before institutional investors respond to the development.

Remember, many reports you see and hear will refer to potential anti microbial resistance drugs which are decades away from clinical trials, let alone approval. This one however, is well advanced into positive clinical trials and yet, remarkably, there is still room for private investors to get on board.

You can read more about the Destiny Pharma investment opportunity by visiting our platform here.