The next generation of messaging apps has arrived, bringing an exciting new opportunity for investors

Mobile technology and social media platforms continue to evolve quickly, presenting an innovative and booming industry for investors to consider. But the question is, what is the next big thing? Where is the industry headed? How can you ‘get on board’ at the right time?

It is clear from industry experts that a new phase of messaging apps are the future, with 2 key trends influencing the rise of these innovative mobile platforms.

The first, is a shift in attitude from the younger generation. Teenagers are opting to use social media platforms that offer a more private way of interacting with their social network (take the huge success of Instant Messaging apps Whatsapp and Snapchat for example), rather than the more traditional option of ‘mass sharing’ on Facebook or Twitter.

The second trend is the way that music is being viewed and shared online. With YouTube being the overwhelmingly popular platform to view, share and comment on music (leaving iTunes, CDs and Radio in the past), we have produced a generation that are used to having the music they want, at their fingertips.

Cue one of the most innovative social platforms to hit your mobile phone in the last 9 months… Pingtune. Pingtune integrates private messaging with music, positioning itself as ‘The social network for music’. This music-messaging app allows users to share music, videos (or even snippets of videos) privately with friends by searching YouTube and SoundCloud. Users can also follow their favourite artists and hear early releases of songs before they reach traditional online platforms.

Having seen extensive press coverage and recognition within the industry (as well as experiencing faster growth than expected following their launch 9 months ago), Pingtune offers investors an excellent opportunity to get involved in an exciting, high-growth company lead by a talented and driven management team with a raft of experience from companies like Shazam, BBC, 7digital, Yahoo and Skype. Ruffena Capital is working with Pingtune to help them secure finance for the next stage of their development.

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