New orders placed from the Middle East for RPS

Radio Physics Solutions, for whom we helped raise equity last year, successfully launched its MiRTLE standoff threat detection technology with early orders now being placed by key security agencies in the Middle East initially.

The technology can detect guns and suicide vests hidden under clothing from a range of up to 40 metres and can be used handheld or as part of a CCTV network. The company has recently demonstrated its ability to automate track and scan an individual in a controlled environment - so effectively taking the man out of the loop.

“Our software will work 24/7 and is constantly alert to threats, unlike having an operator who has to identify the threat and stay vigilant to do so. We believe we will be the only company in the world to combine automated scanning with stand-off threat detection” comments Ed Godere, who has recently joined RPS as its new CEO, bringing with him many years of experience of growing technology based companies in the homeland security and defence industries both in the UK and US.

The company has recently moved into a new facility in Ely, Cambridgeshire to take advantage of the pool of talent in the area.

To find out more about the company, please contact Patrick Angier