Mayfair Investment Lunch sees best lineup yet

Our investors always seem to enjoy our Mayfair lunches. Although the food and wine is good, it always comes down to the quality of the presenting companies. We work very hard to find the best opportunities for our investors, but we don’t stop there; we also work closely with those companies to ensure they deliver a succinct, compelling pitch in under 10 minutes…not an easy task sometimes!

As hosts, we never quite know what to expect. For example, an investor commented afterwards that the best opportunity was from a company he had dismissed earlier based on their summary at the start of the day, highlighting the importance of seeing entrepreneurs present and talking to them over lunch. We felt attendees in the morning therefore had a better experience, so from now on we will focus on the morning session and allow more time for conversations over lunch afterwards.

A glimpse of what our audience were treated to last time:
- A new way to listen to music in bars,restaurants and retail shops whilst increasing revenue, dwell time and capturing customer data.
- The biggest leap in air compressor technology since the 1850s, now being avidly adopted by the water industry.
- An antimicrobial drug breakthrough supported by the US government.
- A hybrid power and propulsion technology that is lighter, smaller and cheaper than any comparable marine system.
- A paradigm shift in infusible drug delivery, already at market.
- A potential 1.6 billion barrel hydrocarbon opportunity in Eastern Namibia, headed up by BP executives.

The interaction between investors and fund-seeking companies always ensures there is a buzz over lunch and drinks. Economic recovery and good returns will only happen if good companies, and good ideas are funded.

If you would like to know more about the companies who presented, or attend the next lunch at the end of June, please email the team on Places are strictly limited to 20-30 professional investors, funds, financiers and family offices.