Lontra ‘leaps’ ahead of competition

Lontra ‘leaps’ ahead of competition

Lontra, the fast-growing Midlands firm has been showcasing its innovative Blade CompressorTM technology and advanced R&D labs to politicians and key industry stakeholders over the course of the last quarter.

Steve Lindsey, CEO of Lontra met with Chair of the Business Select Committee, Adrian Bailey MP. This followed recent briefings with Ian Wright MP, Angela Smith MP, Dan Byles MP and Jim Cunningham MP, where the potential of the Lontra technology was explained following the successful licensing to a major manufacturer earlier this year.

The activity has helped cement Lontra’s status as a “gazelle” company, outpacing the competition through innovation and acting as an example of best practice for other growing firms to follow.

The first industrial air-pumps including Lontra’s innovative design are in production and have been proven to deliver efficiency gains of over 20% - a key benefit for customers with industrial scale energy bills. They have also proven extreme reliability. These factors have led to Lontra's shortlisting for the Manufacturer of the Year awards in the Innovation and Design category. This prestigious award is linked to key industry trade publication, the Manufacturer. Past winners have included GE, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls Royce.

The start of November saw Lontra taking a stand at Innovate UK’s annual display of the very best of British innovation. The central London exhibition is run by UK Trade and Investment and the Technology Strategy Board. It is a showcase for world-class British inventions. Visitors from around the world tend to be investors and potential licensees from global firms.

They have already exceeded their minimum raise and will be closing their last finance round imminently.

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