Keeping World Cup fans safe from gunmen

Our client’s mobile scanner, designed to spot weapons hidden under a gunman’s clothing, is to be used in Brazil after threats by organised criminals to disrupt the World Cup.

Officials in Brazil are understandably worried. There were over 50,000 victims of homicide in Brazil in 2012, the third highest murder rate in South America and with millions of football fans set to descend on Brazil for the forthcoming world cup, how do you spot a genuine gunman without searching everyone?

Working with British research scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University, our client Radio Physics Solutions Limited (RPS) have developed a scanner that can detect guns, including 3D printed plastic guns and bombs even when hidden under clothing, from a range of up to 30 metres or 100 feet.

The scanner works using high frequency radio waves to scan the target and then using the radar response it uses complex algorithms to assess whether a weapon is being carried and alerts the users through an audio alert, rather like a metal detector. Tests have demonstrated an 80% success rate, and these tests have including mimicking crowded environments such as a tube stations.

Early versions of the scanner have undergone successful trials with UK and US military and domestic security agencies. Early production models are now being rigorously tested by the US military for use in the detection of suicide bombers in various theaters of operation.

RPS is delighted to report that the first production models will be covertly used by the Brazilian authorities alongside existing CCTV networks in popular public areas to identify potential threats to protect the public.

RPS is nearing the close of funding round that will see this highly effective and innovative product launch into the global market.

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By Patrick Angier,