Granted: first ever nicotine import licence for China

Ruffena Capital’s smoking cessation client, TTS has recently secured the first ever pharmaceutical grade nicotine import licence for China.

Nicotine, an extremely powerful toxin, is and will remain for some time, a key ingredient for the range of present and future regulated smoking cessation products, like e-cigarettes.

The regulatory landscape in Europe is changing. Although the vast majority of e-cigs are manufactured in China, the Chinese do not have manufacturing facilities that will qualify for the new regulations. TTS are the first ever company to be granted an import licence for the authorised pharma grade nicotine, ticking one very important box for Chinese e-cig manufacturers looking to sell their wares in the EU.

Building on NHS commitments in the UK, TTS is developing a business in China that will deliver smoking cessation programmes using its proprietary technology in combination with a range of regulated therapies and established partners. This is a major breakthrough for the Company and it’s shareholders.

TTS’s technology was developed with help from Cancer Research UK and enables substantially higher cessation rates for smokers. Clinical trials have indicated over 50% improvement, a significant step forwards. The Company will also be able to offer services to other businesses in the sector by leveraging their partner network and authorised status, including those seeking regulation for their own products.

TTS has entered into a £6.7m capital raise programme. Up to £1m is currently available on very attractive “early bird” terms.

By Simon Heywood,