Fantoo hits target

Originally seeking £300,000, Fantoo have already extended their round to £500,000 to cope with the demand from investors, and it is now about to close.

Cash in and commitments have now started creeping over the £500,000 mark as their pilot launch with Dell draws closer. Investors in the round include a Key Account Director of Oracle joining Fantoo as a £50,000 investor and an SAAS enterprise pricing specialist. Their round is attracting other core tech talent too with a new hire recently confirmed. Jordan Fantaay, founder and CEO of Fantoo told us: ‘We’ve had some great news over the Easter holidays about a key team member joining Fantoo, he’s one of the founding technical members of Alfresco, a global document management company managing 7bn docs for 11m corporate users worldwide. Given our focus in the period ahead is all about product execution, to have a team member with this level of senior experience materially helps the whole Fantoo team deliver growth.

Fantoo is a new way of handling work emails and solves the problems of email clutter by organising messages and providing a workflow pattern to improve efficiency. The team were hand-picked by Michael Dell to become DELL’s first global startup in residence. The product is being piloted across the whole of their UK Headquarters in the spring with a full commercial launch planned shortly after, backed by DELL’s considerable marketing and distribution resources.

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