Fantoo awarded £250,000 from Innovate UK

Fantoo have been awarded the highest grant available to a UK company from Innovate UK.

Innovate UK determine which science and technology development will drive future economic growth. The Technology Strategy Board carefully select the strongest opportunities for grants such as this. Over 8 years, they have invested over £1.5 billion into UK innovative companies.

Jordan Fantaay, Founder of Fantoo said “Fantoo is proud to report that in September it was awarded the highest Grant which can be obtained by a UK SME for product development purposes. The chances of a company receiving the grant are 2% and all applicants undergo a rigorous judging process. This is now in addition to the £100k grant which Fantoo received last year. Thanks to these funds the company can look forward to a 12mth capital runway ahead as it ramps up sales through Dell.

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