The Times reports on Destiny Pharma's step forward announces significant step forward

Ruffena client Destiny Pharma has developed a new anti-bacterial drug platform, XF-Drugs, with outstanding, rapid kill rates of bacteria. This week The Times newspaper reported on Destiny Pharma's aim to tackle MRSA (article here).

The worldwide microbial resistance problem is beginning to be addressed by solutions with commercial promise. Post surgical infection caused by staphylococcus carried by the patient is a notorious problem, killing a least 19,000 people per year in US alone. There is now a Phase II study which shows that a resistance busting drug compound developed by Brighton based Destiny Pharma is safe, effective and well-tolerated. This is a significant boost to the commercial prospects for this particular drug and the Destiny drug platform.

The final clinical study report referenced here runs to over 3,000 pages and has been released to the FDA (Federal Drug Agency, USA) by NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), however a very technical summary can be made available.

There is an opportunity to invest in the new and vitally important anti-microbial resistance sector through equity in the Ruffena client Destiny Pharma. We would be delighted to provide prospective investors with particulars for investing in this well advanced pharma venture.

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