A catch up with Check4Cancer

During the relatively quiet months of July & August, Check4Cancer have been busier than expected. The company has 2 major income streams, Corporate Revenues and Private Self-pay.

We caught up with the Managing Director, Troels Jordansen to find out how the market was shaping up for 2015. Firstly the Corporate market?

“We have been taken aback by the increase in demand for our services in 2015. Our pipeline has increased dramatically since the beginning of July. The on-going lack of early detection services in the NHS does help our service as it creates interest. But more intermediaries are now actively promoting our Cancer Checks. One intermediary has started promoting Check4Cancer to well over 200 existing customers and we have provided proposals for a handful of companies covering >250,000 staff. We have a target of adding 70 new clients for 2015 and so far we are well on target to do this.”

And secondly, the private self-pay market?

“6-7 weeks ago we teamed up with a US based SEO company and we are very pleasesd with the progress made to date. We have seen a 4-5fold increase in the number of phone calls received and that was during July! In September we will be launching GynaeCheck and the feedback we are getting from our PR agency is very encouraging. So far no journalist/editor has turned down the offer to feature GynaeCheck and with a bit of luck we may even get on a few breakfast TV shows. Watch this space!”

We asked Troels for his outlook for the last few months of 2015.

“We are expecting to collaborate with a large insurance company to supply diagnostic services. We are also in contact with a hospital chain about becoming preferred supplier of genetic counselling and testing. Coupled with some wider PR activities, we are also planning further GeneHealth UK activities which will see us develop this new and innovative business. All in all, we have a very positive outlook”

Check4Cancer is currently raising £500,000. £220,000 has been raised and the funds are being used to accelerate promotional activities.

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