£500,000 secured to crank up new generator technology

Investors from Ruffena invest a mix of debt and equity into MSP Technologies Ltd to help launch a new multi-source power system to take to the marine market.

After 4 years of research, MSP developed a highly-efficient, lightweight environmentally-friendly, hybrid diesel-electric generator system which is smaller, lighter, less expensive and more efficient than anything on the market.

The system is digital, giving it fewer moving parts and is packaged in a compact plug-and-play unit, making it an industry leader in installation speed and ease.

The company’s founder and CEO, Simon Patterson said ‘Achieving our investment in such a short time period would have been impossible without Ruffena.’

The funding will be used to finalise the technology and build the first 3 units in a bid to satisfy their growing order book.

By Roy Anderson, roy.anderson@ruffena.com & Patrick Angier, patrick.angier@ruffena.com